Century Rooter provides complete repair and replacement services for all your home plumbing including:

  1. Broken toilets
  2. Leaky faucets
  3. Cracked pipes
  4. Clogged garbage disposals
  5. Valves that won’t open or close

Replacement of Water Heaters
When your water heater needs replacement, call Century Rooter for fast service. We’ll bring the right size water heater to your home, install it properly and strap it securely to meet local earthquake building codes. Choose from tankless or traditional water heaters. You’ll be sure you’re getting an energy-efficient water heater that will provide an adequate amount of hot water for your needs. We’re current on water heater efficiency standards.

New Washing Machine?
Occasionally old drain pipes can’t accommodate the increased flow of a new washing machine. We can replace these pipes to handle your new machine.

Century Rooter uses video inspection for clogged pipes.
When your pipes are backed up we can find the problem and locate it precisely, even if it’s under a concrete slab. Our secret is a video camera and locator that we push through the pipe so we can see exactly what is causing the problem and precisely where it is. It’s not Hollywood, but it sure works! You can even watch the video we make—and there are no commercials!

Plumbing Repairs