We are certified by the Los Angeles County Health Department to perform backflow tests for homes that are required by law to have this testing done annually.

What the Law Requires:

California administrative code title 17 requires backflow prevention assemblies to be tested at least once a year. If the test discloses that the device is not functioning properly, then the necessary repair must be made and the device must be retested. The proper paperwork is then filled out and sent to the city, county health department, or water agency.



Backflow is defined as “the undesirable reversal of flow of water or mixtures of water and other liquids, gases or other substances into the distribution pipes of the potable supply of water from any source or sources. “ Source: USC manual of cross-contamination control, 10th edition.

Backflow locations:

Back flow prevention assemblies are commonly found on residential/commercial fire sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, domestic water services, cooling towers, ice machines, soda fountain carbonators and other devices or equipment that may contaminate or pollute the potable water supply.

It is the responsibility of the Authority having jurisdiction to protect the potable water supply. In order to do this they have established Cross Connection Control programs to oversee the annual testing, maintenance, and installation of backflow prevention assemblies.

Century Rooter is Certified:

Century Rooter Plumbing has Cross Connection Control Specialists and Certified Backflow Assembly Testers ready to help you with all of your backflow needs.

We install and repair all major manufacturer brands of backflow assemblies. Wilkins, Febco, Ames, Conbraco, Watts, and many more.

We are Certified Cross Connection Control Specialists and Backflow Assembly Testers with The American Waterworks Association (AWWA).

We are Certified Backflow Assembly Testers with the following:

-Los Angeles County Public Health Dept.

-County of Orange/Health Care Agency / Environmental Health

-County of San Bernardino Environmental Health agency


Century Rooter will test your backflow assembly, make any necessary repairs, and file all of the required forms and paperwork.

Fire sprinkler and red pipe

If you have any questions or you need testing please Contact Us at anytime, we here to help.

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