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We are family Owned and Operated since 1974. We know Plumbing.

We Are Century Rooter Service and Plumbing


If doesn’t flush we’ll be there in a rush! Single family homes, apartment buildings and condos, We are your residential plumber



Whether you’re a corner store or a large industrial plant, Century Rooter provides plumbing services to commercial buildings of all sizes

Blackflow Services

Backflow Services

We are certified by the Los Angeles County Health Department to perform backflow tests for homes required by law to have this testing.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Repairs

Broken toilets, leaky faucets, cracked pipes, valves that won’t open or close, Century Rooter provides complete repair and replacement services.

We'll Be There In A Rush!

Our Company

A stopped-up toilet, a leak that keeps on leaking, a clogged drain—these are problems that must be fixed quickly and correctly.

For over 40 years, Century Rooter understands our customers want fast and reliable service at a reasonable rate—and that’s just what we do.

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About Us

We are good at

Not to brag … well … what the heck. Here are our bragging rights. Because of our experience of over 40 years of unclogging sinks, walking in mulky water to fix a broken water heater, climbing under buildings as oppose to “leaping tall buildings!”, repairing busted pipes, and whole lot more!

Here is our scale!

Service 100%
Repair 100%
Being On Time 100%
Having FUN 100%

Have a new washing machine, dishwasher? We can replace these pipes with new pipes that accommodate new water flow.

Driveway, patio, and pool drains. Drains for these locations sometimes have to handle very large quantities of water and we know what to do!

If you can’t find the problem, WE CAN! We have a video camera that can almost anywhere to find the problem.

We do everything Commercial. Whether you’re on the corner or a large Industrial plant, Century Rooter will services buildings of all sizes.

Century Rooter

There is never a need to panic. We have all your leaks covered.

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